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  1. Highway #5

From the album Preposthumous


Highway #5

Cruising down the freeway
Heading south towards L.A.
And there is not a cloud up in the sky,
I roll down the window
And the outside rushes in
On California Highway Number Five.

Maybe the next time,
I will not be all alone,
On such a Godforsaken desert drive.
Maybe the next time,
I’ll just be heading home
On California Highway Number Five.

There’s a feeling in the desert
When it’s baking in the sun,
And there’s a kind of darkness to the light,
It’s good to know you’re moving
Eighty miles an hour or more
On California Highway Number Five.

I could be in San Diego
Before the sun goes down,
I could watch it sinkin’ in the sea,
And know that by manana
I could be in Mexico,
There is really nothin’ stopping me.

There are things that I remember
There are others I forget,
And there’s no point in living in the past.
There’s nothin’ I can do about
The things that I regret
Eventually we all run out of gas.