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  1. Two Black Eyes

From the album Preposthumous



Two black eyes and a crucifying headache
Staring into the mirror over the sink
And I‘m not going to try
To remember
All I know I went out for a drink.

It’s tough to be a drinkin’ man
I like to get a load on whenever I can
But my only claim to fame
Everybody knows my name
Oh Lord it’s tough to be a drinkin’ man.

Last night when I was waiting at the bus stop
Minding my own business on the street
Up rolls a guy I know
Says there’s a place we ought to go,
An open bar and party people to meet.

We closed the bar and headed for the pavement
And the next thing I remember I was all alone
And when I turned my back
Everything went black
I woke up and all my shit was gone.