Growing up in Ireland in the 1950's, folk songs and ballads seemed a part of the air I breathed.
The ever-present radio of my formative years brought me the exciting sounds of Bill Haley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry and all the music-makers of the day.

 Seeing Louis Armstrong and then the Rolling Stones in Dublin back in the early '60s, guaranteed that my life would be forever under the spell of Jazz and Rock & Roll.

Playing guitar and harmonica and belting out the songs of Bob Dylan at a local pub on Ballad Session nights gave me my first taste of performing in a raucous, smokey atmosphere.

Listening to Bitches Brew on Christmas Day 1970, drew me, like a Siren's song to New York City where I soaked up the exhilarating vibrations of Manhattan and its legendary music scene.

I made my way out  to San Francisco where I began gigging in the Irish bars, singing ballads and Van Morrison covers and gradually adding my own songwriting attempts into the mix.

And so today I find myself living in Oakland, California, still playing my guitar and still looking to compose my masterpiece.

Among the ancient Celts, the bard played an essential role in society. Living repositories of oral tribal history and tradition, they affirmed the dignity and pride of the people. In my songwriting too, I try to connect with my audience in ways that are truthful and empathetic.

 I hope my music will resonate with you and bring you joy.