1. Greystones



I used to ride the bus
Growing up in Greystones,
The number eighty-four bus,
Take me all the way home.
I liked to sit upstairs,
Looking out the window,
High above the road,
Take me all the way home.

On the old Stillorgan Road,
Rolling out from Dublin,
Across the Dargle River
And on into County Wicklow.
Out to the Willow Grove,
Delgany or Kilcoole,
On the number eighty-four bus,
And you’re young and getting out from school.

We make a stop at Bray,
Lookin’ out the window,
And a bunch of girls get on,
All dolled up and wearing lipstick.
Sitting on each others’ lap,
Singin’ all their favorite pop songs,
They’re going to the dance tonight
At the Horse and Hounds Hotel.

Heading out of Bray,
We proceed into the country,
Where twilight shadows roll
All across the woodland meadows.
The number eighty-four bus
Barely makes it up the hillside,
On the winding, narrow road
Leading back towards the hearthstone.

And I get there in the night time,
I run all the way up Church Road.
And a misty rain is falling
On the treetops and the houses.
And the iron gate swings open,
And the dog begins a-barking,
And the light flows through the windows,
Where my childhood home is waiting.