If I tell you I love you,
Love you like a Mogul king,
That I will build for you a palace
Of marble shimmering,
It’s no exaggeration,
A little larger than life,
The finer the whetstone
The sharper the knife.

If I say that I’m burning
Like a sacrificial fire,
In a Celtic twilight
Of ancient stars,
It’s no exaggeration,
It’s more like a prayer.
When I look into my heart
Will I find you there?

If I tell you I need you,
That without you I would die,
Please don’t look on me so doubtful,
It’s really not a lie.
It’s no exaggeration,
It’s the language of the heart
That echoes through the canyons
That are keeping us apart.

So please say you’ll never leave me,
Make your promise here today.
Though I exaggerate my feelings,
I’ll be loving you always.